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GTI Lab Services is a division of GTI Chemical Solutions, Inc., a company based in Wellford, SC with over 80 years of combined knowledge of specialty chemical manufacturing and application.


GTI’s major focus has always been to remain a leader in technology and innovation with emphasis in understanding, meeting, and surpassing our customers’ needs and business priorities. This desire to be a leader in customer service was the impetus for the creation of GTI Lab Services, offering an array of microbiological and chemical analyses, as well as a consulting services, to ensure our clients’ products meet all applicable industry standards.


With close to two decades of experience in industrial, pharmaceutical, medical device, and microbiological textile testing, our skilled micro team works alongside our top-notch chemists as we move towards our goal of being a “one-stop shop” for all your testing needs.


The face of GTI may be changing, but our goal remains the same – to provide services of the highest quality, with competitive pricing, quick turn-around times, and a style of personalized customer service seldom seen today.



Donnie brings to GTI Lab Services 20 years of microbiology, chemistry, and management experience with companies such as Timken and Northview Atlantic Laboratories


In just under two years with Northview Labs, Donnie became fully trained, and demonstrated proficiency in all areas of testing offered there, including bioburden, sterility, EtO residuals, environmental monitoring, and LAL testing, and was the only employee of the Northview Laboratories family of labs to demonstrate this proficiency in all departments. He was promoted to manager of LAL and EtO residuals testing shortly thereafter, quickly developing a great rapport with his clients, which allowed for an expansion of testing services to create a more complete analytical microbiology and chemistry department. In addition, by being the only technician in the network to be certified in all three methods of LAL testing, he became the endotoxin detection “expert”, and worked with many major pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to design and validate testing methods for products that had previously been deemed unsuitable for endotoxin testing per LAL methods.


Donnie also worked as a consultant to other major medical device, pharmaceutical, and textile companies to design and implement routine testing methods for their products, water system validations, and environmental monitoring.


He also maintained a great relationship with his coworkers, and received the peer-nominated Employee of the Year Award twice, and was often cited by clients in being instrumental to the success of their operation.

BS in Biology, Wofford College


Continuing Education : Clemson University, Medical Textiles


Charles River Endosafe, LAL Testing

James David Lambert is a seasoned and highly versatile chemist and manager with many years of experience in the supervision, design, development, manufacturing, product stewardship, application and testing of products in the areas of customer support and general organizational management both regionally and globally.


David brings years of analytical, instrumentation, and methods development/validation experience and statistical data processing including HPLC, GC, GPC, TGA, FTIR, AA, UV/VIS, ICP/MS, Ion Chromatography, C/S and N/O elemental analysis, Emission Spectroscopy, as well as classic wet analysis methods. He is well seasoned, with experience in pilot plant scale-up, trouble shooting, process improvements and production unit operations. David also brings experience in the areas of Industrial Water Treatment as a former Technical Director in this industry.


    His extensive formulations experience with both water-borne and solvent-borne formularies for applications and coatings on a variety of substrates add additional skills. David has had years of  experience developing and testing silicones and silicone rubber elastomers, auxiliaries, polymers, coatings and formulated products for a variety of applications, and comes with in-plant trial/scale-up experience, customer support and service while managing a global applications service laboratory doing quality testing, audits, product development, SOP production using ISO protocols.


    Previous industrial chemical processing areas of expertise include; polymerizations, esterifications, hydrogenation, epoxidations and distillation, metallurgical alloys, as well as, other commercial syntheses.  His successes include a United States Patent pending for a novel polymeric stain-blocker for use on nylon carpet while working with Bayer Corporation.


    David is also a very adept personnel and process manager and leader, and a proven product design/development process chemist in many facets of the manufacturing of commercial products in ISO, NADCAP and GLP/GMP registered facilities, as well, a trained ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor with Exemplar Global.


BS in Chemistry, Wofford College



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